2013 Customer Appreciation Dyno Day! Saturday, March 9th 2013



Friday October 26th Injected Engineering is proud to invite all of our loyal customers and fans to Atlanta Dragway for a night of fun on the quarter mile drag strip.  The first 50 racers and first 50 spectators that specify Injected Engineering at the gate will receive discounted rates and V.I.P treatment (please see below for details).   We look forward to seeing everyone there!!




Injected Engineering 2012 Customer Appreciation, Car Show and Dyno Day

It’s that time of year again! Injected Engineering will be hosting our annual Customer Appreciation, Car Show and Dyno Day on Saturday March 31st. This is a huge event with cash prizes complementary food and drinks. Last year we had over 500 people attend! I will post a link to last years video for those who missed it. We appreciate your support and look forward to another great event!

Injected Engineering 2011 Dyno Day Video

Injected Engineering Annual Dyno Day

KENNE BELL Superchargers


KENNE BELL has chosen Injected Engineering as one of their few authorized dealers.

We are proud to announce that KENNE BELL supercharger systems and accessories are now available for purchase and installation on your GM, Ford or Mopar vehicle.  Please call 678-449-6871 for pricing and application.

Information on KENNE BELL Superchargers

Today Kenne Bell is clearly the leader in Twin Screw supercharger technology.  In 1991 they analyzed the various superchargers and concepts to select an upscale billet aluminum Twin Screw for all kits (other companies use cast aluminum). For years, the ultra high efficiency (+90%) Twin Screw has been tested and compared by OEM automotive engineers. The results are always the same. Size for size, the Twin Screw offers the coolest air discharge temperature, the lowest parasitic/HP loss both during boost and cruise (approx. 1 HP loss), more HP/Torque and the highest boost at any rpm (it doesn’t drop off at higher rpm). Add to that the whisper quiet operation, lifetime sealed bearings, self contained lubrication, bypass system, reliability that exceeds OEM standards and you have the “Number 1 Supercharger Kit”.  In 2010, Kenne Bell continued their commitment as the leading innovator of Twin Screw technology as they stunned the supercharger world with Patent Pending Liquid Cooling and Seal Pressure Equalization.  Please call 678-449-6871 for pricing and application.

Nitrous Oxide Filling Station


Injected Engineering is proud to announce the addition of a Nitrous Oxide Filling Station to our facility.  Starting today we will be offering Nitrous Refills.

Nitrous Refill

Nitrous Refill

Injected Engineering is the answer to all of your Performance Needs!

Injected Engineering 5yr. Anniversary and Customer Appreciation Dyno Day

Injected Engineering 5yr. Anniversary and Customer Appreciation Dyno Day

Twin Turbo Ferrari

David Wheatley’s 1981 Ferrari Mondial made its way to Injected Engineering last week for installation of the ignition system, stand alone fuel injection and dyno tuning.  David road races his Ferrari on a regular basis and is always looking for new ways to gain an edge on his competition.  He started his quest at Exotic Exhaust and Fabrication where the engine and twin turbo kit were fabricated and installed.  Upon completion of the installation the expert fabricators at Exotic contacted Injected Engineering to button up the details of his fuel injection system and dyno tune.   The Ferrari produced 500rwhp and 527rwtq with only 6psi!  So far David’s car has picked up over 22mph on the backstretch! We look forward to more impressive results from David’s Ferrari in the future!

Twin Turbo Ferrari

Twin Turbo Ferrari

Twin Turbo Ferrari


.Twin Turbo Ferrari Dyno Graph

Injected Engineering Road Course Dodge Charger

Long time customer Joel Vandiver frequently attends road race events in his Injected Engineering tuned 2006 Dodge Charger.  The Charger started life as a 5.7 Hemi police car but has since been transformed into what every police officer dreams of (the ultimate SRT8 law enforcer).  When Joel combined two cars to create one very cool police car, everything from the engine down to the brakes and wheels were converted into SRT8 trim.  With a little tuning help from Injected Engineering the SRT8 police car now dominates local road races.  To see Joel’s Charger in action click on the video below.

Injected Engineering Tuned 32′ Skater

This awesome 32′ Skater sports twin Viper V10′s built by Proline Race Engines and Tuned by Injected Engineering.  These Viper V10′s were tuned on the water using lab quality wide band 02 sensors, data logging equipment and custom tuning software.  Check out the video footage below!

32′ Skater with twin Viper V10 Engines VIDEO